Throwbacks are in. My first website looked like this IN THE late 90’S. I reaLly loved growing up in Seattle. We learned about internet safety early on. Thanks, Bill.
Quick shout out to: God/Goddess, Family, HARRIET TUBMAN, Emma Lazarus,JACK HERER, KURT VONNEGUT, KBCS91.3, REAL CHANGE, Seattle Channel, SARAH, Adbusters, Discovery Institute, Ciscoe Morris, BILL NYE, STAR101.5, Trixie & Katya, C89.5, Air America Radio and purple. ;)



“Welcome to Seattle!
What can I do for you?”

I am offering myself to be of service as your well-rounded and deeply grounded choice for Seattle City Council, Position 1, District 1 (Pioneer Square, SODO, Georgetown, South Park, and West Seattle). I am moving upward to make a positive impact. No matter what happens in this city, I will continue to Help Raise Seattle.

Hospitality, Education, Retail, Art, Music, and Horticulture. These are my sources of employment and enjoyment for my entire life in West Seattle and Seattle proper. I have been volunteering and organizing since 1999. Community partnerships, advocacy, fundraising, networking, and special event planning are my life. I dance at the intersection of Engagement and Entertainment.

“Have you met me yet?”

AnnaLisa “Triple A” LaFayette

I’m a strong, clever connection to have, and an engaging helping hand of District 1. You may know of me already (I am fabled in some parts). There are so many ways we could have been introduced! I look forward to seeing you again. If we haven’t met, I hope to meet you soon!

I am the uncommon person for the common good. I will lighten things up. I might shake/shape things up. I continue to dedicate myself wholly to this city. I will listen. I will lead Seattle and District 1 with courage and this message:


* * * * *

This is all theirs.

The Salishan. Southern Lushootseed. Co-Duwamish.
 Lushootseed: dxʷləšúcid.
Duwamish-Suquamish: Dxʷdəwʔabš
Chief Seattle: si?al

Thank you.

I will do my best to carry the Seventh Generation Principle as our ancestors have done for us.

The indigenous history. The geography and ecology. The weather. The culture. The sports. The transportation. The pets. The hiking. The views. The music. The challenges. The salt water. The civics. The freedom. The business. The art. The science. The tourism. The diversity. The architecture. The food! The support. This is why I remain. My Seattle is everywhere I go. Thank you, Community.

I am grateful for the past, current, and future contributors from my district, Seattle, King County, and Washington State. Their stewardship has guided Seattle to where we are today.

Thank you, Leaders.
Thank you, Predecessors.
Thank you, Journalists.

To the vast collection of families, friends, addicts, people in recovery, immigrants, translators, elders, school bus and public transit operators, disabled people, neighbors, educators, veterans, non-profits, accountants, baggers & checkers & tellers, gardeners, musicians (especially the drummers…), unhoused people, couch providers, visual artists, b-boys and b-girls, care providers, upholds of the Constitution, spiritual and religious leaders, health workers, rock climbers, dentists, surgeons, first aid responders, truckers, farmers, hair & make-up!, seamstresses, cobblers, apprentices, performers, programmers, architects, landlords, homeowners, young people, incarcerated individuals, coaches, writers, comedians, promoters, celebrities, dancers, roommates, activists, authors, bandits, business owners, bee and chicken keepers, event organizers, comic strip characters, carpenters, singers, volunteers, visitors and guests, team mates, gamers, lawyers, judges, unionizers, laborers, coworkers, innovators, adversaries, and those I have lost or forgotten who shape my views and actions: You are the reason I am alive and continue to thrive today. Thank you, Teachers.

“Would you like to help raise Seattle?”

There is room for everyone at the table, and I invite you to take a seat. Please, consider making time for yourself and space for others. Please, be willing to take the next steps. If we are capable, we can all participate in civic service and celebrate the results together. I believe in the inherent good within us all. I am listening to the desire for change. I am asking for help. I comprehensively understand the needs, wants, capabilities, and challenges of District 1. I will represent the land, people, businesses, and government who Help Raise Seattle.

“So what’s your platform?”

Heels, of course.”

(Real discussions occurring in District 1 regarding all platforms daily,
the political and the shoes. Fair and equal representation for all.)


Upcoming Stops and Gos

AnnaLisa Loves the 90’s!

Website Release, District 1, Seattle, WA
Real Change Kick-Off, Westlake Mall, District 7, Seattle, WA

February 2, 2023: Groundhogging Day
Feast of Candelaria (Bolivia)


AnnaLisa Loves HPIC!

Corner Bar, District 1, Seattle, WA

February 3, 2023


AnnaLisa Loves University of Washington!

District 4, Seattle, WA

February 14, 2023: Valentine’s Day


Campaign Event

District 1, Seattle, WA

August 1st, 2023: Primary Elections

Until the results are in!

Campaign Events

Seattle, WA


Until the results are in!

City Council Position 1, District 1

City Hall, Seattle, WA


Elected for four, stay for Democracy

AnnaLisa LaFayette for Seattle City Council, Position 1, District 1
To The Root

I have pencils, recycled paper, a 30 foot phone cord, answering machine, dial-up modem, dot matrix printer, a Zoom Room, tape recorder, handheld label maker, chainsaw, and a Bug Out Bag.
I am fully prepared to represent the 206/425/253 from home and abroad. Thanks for having me.


What does your Seattle look like? Want to get involved anywhere Seattle? Let me know! Vision board time!


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